Formats: Brown Apples

See also: Yellow Apples, Berries.

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Spine and Cover

Porter & Coates, 1880s

  • Brown Apples is bound in chocolate brown cloth and stamped in gold and black ink.
  • The cover is stamped in black with the title of the book, a branch with leaves and fruit across three decorative bands, and the author's name.
  • The spine features both black and gold stamping, with the title in black on a large block of gold, an apple over a flowered background, and "Alger" on a gold band surrounded by filligree. The publisher's name is on a gold band at the foot of the spine.
  • P&C published in this format as early as 1882 and as late as 1889, and the format was not exclusive to books written by Alger.

Variations on this Format

Brown Apples has several variations, the most common of which is Yellow Apples (identical to Brown Apples, but bound in yellow cloth).

Somewhat less common is the Berries format, which features the same thick flowered band as the Apples formats do, but no apples. Berries is most commonly found bound in brown or yellow cloth identical to that used in Brown and Yellow Apples.

At least 6 titles have been found in Green Apples (see image at right), as well as a few titles bound in Green and Red Berries.


Titles in this Format

Titles marked with asterisks (*) are first editions. There are 28 known titles that were printed in this format, 7 of which are first editions.

Ben's Nugget *
Ben, the Luggage Boy
Bob Burton *
Charlie Codman's Cruise
Do and Dare *
Fame and Fortune
Frank's Campaign
Hector's Inheritance *
Helping Himself *
Julius the Street Boy
Luke Walton *
Mark, the Match Boy
Paul Prescott's Charge
Paul, the Peddler
Phil, the Fiddler
Ragged Dick
Rough and Ready
Rufus and Rose
Sam's Chance
Slow and Sure
The Store Boy *
Tattered Tom
The Telegraph Boy
The Young Adventurer
The Young Circus Rider *
The Young Explorer
The Young Miner
The Young Outlaw