Formats: Green Loring

See also: Purple Loring.

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Spine and Cover

Publishers: A. K. Loring

  • Green Lorings generally feature blind-stamping on the front and back boards, in varying designs, but always with an elaborate border.
  • The spine is printed in gold, and usually features some sort of illustration above the publisher's name at the foot of the spine, and filligree around the title.
  • Some variations feature black printing on cover and spine in addition to the gold.

Variations on this Format

Purple Loring is the most common variation to Green Loring; it is overall identical, but bound in purple cloth instead of green. Brown or tan Lorings are probably Purple Lorings that have suffered from sun damage.

Blue and Red Lorings (overall identical except for cloth color) are far less common, but do exist.


Titles in this Format

Titles marked with asterisks (*) are first editions. There are 32 known titles that were printed in this format. Do you have one that's not on this list? Let us know!

Ben the Luggage Boy *
Bound to Rise *
Brave and Bold *
Fame and Fortune *
Helen Ford *
Herbert Carter's Legacy *
Jack's Ward *
Julius *
Luck and Pluck *
Mark the Match Boy*
Paul Prescott's Charge *
Paul the Peddler*
Phil the Fiddler *
Ragged Dick *
Risen from the Ranks*
Rough and Ready *
Rufus and Rose *
Sam's Chance *
Seeking His Fortune *
Shifting for Himself *
Sink or Swim *
Slow and Sure *
Strive and Succeed *
Strong and Steady *
Tattered Tom *
The Telegraph Boy *
Try and Trust *
Wait and Hope *
The Young Adventurer *
The Young Explorer *
The Young Miner *
The Young Outlaw *