A publication of the Horatio Alger Society, Newsboy is issued six times a year and contains many excellent scholarly articles about Horatio Alger and his books, new finds, and unusual insights into other authors and their books.

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Volume XLVII, Number 1.

Volume XLVII, Number 2.

Volume XLVII, Number 3.

Volume XLVII, Number 4.

Volume XLVII, Number 5.

Volume XLVII, Number 6.

Volume XLVI, Number 1.

Volume XLVI, Number 2.

Volume XLVI, Number 3.

Volume XLVI, Number 4.

Volume XLVI, Number 5.

Volume XLVI, Number 6.

Volume XLV, Number 1.

Volume XLV, Number 2.

Volume XLV, Number 3.

Volume XLV, Number 4.

Volume XLV, Number 5.

Volume XLV, Number 6.

Volume XLIV, Number 1.

Volume XLIV, Number 2.

Volume XLIV, Number 3.

Volume XLIV, Number 4.

Volume XLIV, Number 5.

Volume XLIV, Number 6.

Volume XLIII, Number 1.

Volume XLIII, Number 2&3.

Volume XLII, Number 4.

Volume XLIII, Number 5.

Volume XLIII, Number 6.

Volume XLII, Number 1.

Volume XLII, Number 2&3.

Volume XLII, Number 4.

Volume XLII, Number 5.

Volume XLII, Number 6.

Volume XLI, Number 1.

Volume XLI, Number 2.

Volume XLI, Number 3.

Volume XLI, Number 4.

Volume XLI, Number 5.

Volume XLI, Number 6.

Volume XL, Number 1.

Volume XL, Number 2.

Volume XL, Number 3.

Volume XL, Number 4.

Volume XL, Number 5.

Volume XL, Number 6.

Volume XXXIX, Number 1.

Volume XXXIX, Number 2.

Volume XXXIX, Number 3.

Volume XXXIX, Number 4.

Volume XXXIX, Number 5.

Volume XXXIX, Number 6.

Volume XXXVIII, Number 1.

Volume XXXVIII, Number 2.

Volume XXXVIII, Number 3.

Volume XXXVIII, Number 4.

Volume XXXVIII, Number 5.

Volume XXXVIII, Number 6.